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The Webalizer GUI is a graphical user interface for the web server logfile analysis program Webalizer. By analysing the web server logfiles this program produces yearly, monthly, daily and hourly usage statistics of a website, along with the ability to display usage by site, URL, referrer, user agent (browser), username, search strings, entry/exit pages, and country. Webalizer-GUI Snapshot But as Webalizer has to be configured by a configuration file and run from a command line prompt, this graphical user interface for Windows and Linux was created. The Webalizer GUI allows the easy configuration of most of the Webalizer options by standart graphical user elements. Afterwards the GUI executes the Webalizer, which produces the usage statistics in HTML format for viewing with a browser.
The 'plus'-download packages of the GUI already contain the Stone Steps version of the Webalizer and are therefore recommended for people who have never worked with the Webalizer before. But You can also use the GUI with another version of the Webalizer and even import an existing Webalizer configuration file.
For more information about the GUI and the configuration options of the Webalizer please have a look at the helpfiles of the Webalizer GUI. If you want to know more about the Webalizer itself, I recommend the corresponding Readme.
The Webalizer GUI is distributed under the GNU General public license. (See the files 'Copying' and 'Copyright', supplied with all distributions for additional information). The complete source code is available in the download section (Sorry, most of the comments in the source code are in german). The program was written using Borland Delphi 2006 or Kylix 3 respectively. Any comments, suggestions, wishes, bugs or whatever you want to say (maybe mistakes in my english writing), please mail to

Since version 2.1 of the GUI the 'plus'-download packages don't any longer contain the original Webalizer, as it has not been maintained for a couple of years. I instead included the Stone Steps version of the Webalizer, which not only has a couple of new configuration options and produces a quite nice HTML output, but also contains a few bugfixes and security updates. If You have used the original Webalizer before, You should be aware that the Stone Steps version also counts a visit, when only non-textfiles, like for example pictures, have been downloaded. Therefore the visits count is slightly higher, when the Stone Steps version of the Webalizer is used. A detailed description of this behaviour could be found here.


Windows Windows: Linux Linux:
Webalizer GUI Executable
English, Version 2.5.3, 1138kb
Without Webalizer, for everyone with a running Webalizer installation

Webalizer GUI+ Executable
English, Version, 2935kb
Including Stone Steps Webalizer Version and GeoLite country database created by MaxMind
xwebalizer Executable
English, Version 2.5, 882kb
Without Webalizer, for everyone with a running Webalizer installation

xwebalizer+ Executable
English, Version 2.5, 1749kb
Including Stone Steps Webalizer Version and GeoLite country database created by MaxMind

Borland Quicktime libraries
Version 6.9.0, 2452kb
Needed for all versions of xwebalizer (See installation instructions)

Libraries for the Stone Steps Webalizer of the plus-package (See installation instructions), 851kb
German language files
For the Webalizer GUI, Version 2.5.3, 406kb
(also see the german version of this page)

Spanish language files
For the Webalizer GUI, Version 2.5.3, 393kb
The german versions of xwebalizer can be downloaded from this site

xwebalizer Executable Spanish
Version 2.5, 883kb, without webalizer

xwebalizer+ Executable Spanish
Version 2.5, 1749kb, including Stone Steps Webalizer Version and GeoLite country database created by MaxMind
Webalizer GUI Source
for Delphi 2006, Version 2.5.3, 500kb, without Webalizer and helpfiles
xwebalizer Source
for Kylix 3, Version 2.5, 207kb
Installation instructions Installation instructions
Version information Version information
Previous Releases und Beta-Versions


www.webalizer.orgThe homepage of the original Webalizer by Bradford L. Barrett.
Frei Software DevelopmentA further developed version, that contains some bugfixes and improvements, e.g. a table showing the top '404 - Not found' errors and the use of the GeoLite Country database to determine the localization of the hosts.
Stone Steps Inc.The homepage of the Stone Steps fork of the Webalizer (see above).
Webalizer ForumFor questions and problems regarding the Webalizer that could not be solved by reading and re-reading the available documentation.